Privacy Policy

Image Copyright

All images submitted to Photo Editing (PES). by clients are treated as the property of the client. We never claim ownership of any image sent via any transmission channel, including but not limited to cloud storage, email, or FTP account.

We do not expose your images to search engines or other discovery methods. We use secure cloud servers and FTP accounts to exchange image files. We also have a strict file sharing protocol within our office, which allows us to block even image transfers from our employees. Therefore, your images are used exclusively internally with strict control measures.

Your images are very safe with us. However, if we need to use part or part of your image as a portfolio, we will never publish it without your prior consent.

Collection of User Information

Photo Editing (PES). only obtains specific, personalized data about visitors to its Website when such information is provided voluntarily. PES will not ask you to subscribe to any of our mailing lists. Payment behavior, etc. is used exclusively by Photo Editing Solution (PES). We do not sell or disclose user data to third parties. However, for the purpose of delivering personalized advertisements and offers through online advertising, we may use your data. But most of the advertising platforms we use are secure and do not expose your emails to third parties.

PES has adopted security measures to protect the data transmitted during the purchase of a visitor. Our employees are required to protect the confidentiality of this data. We want our visitors and customers to believe that their privacy would be protected when visitors log into their account or purchase services from PES. Because PES wants the information it obtains and uses about its visitors and customers to be accurate, PES will make every effort to verify its data and will ask its customers to report any inaccuracies or errors they may become aware of through the data and invoices of their own Online Account

Email Policy

PES will not sell or disclose your emails to third parties unless authorized by the visitor. When you advertise on specific mailing lists, we may use your email address and other contact information. However, most places where we host your email and contact information for online advertising are safe and secure.

PES does not send junk mail, also known as “spam”. In some instances, when PES wishes to contact customers by email, respond to messages, confirm purchases, or convey information requested by a visitor, PES will use email.

When a customer or visitor receives an email they do not want from PES, the customer can always opt out of receiving further emails. Please contact us at for this.

User Browsing Behavior-Web Analytics

PES Web Analytics may from time to time collect generic information solely to determine the success and usefulness of its website. This generic information, which does not reveal the identity of the visitor, may include: what website was visited by the visitor, how long people spend on different pages of the site, and the visitor’s home page. PES uses this information to determine customer service needs. In the future, PES may increase its technical capacities for collecting visitor data in order to improve the services offered to visitors and customers.

Cookie Policy

Photo Editing (PES). respects the privacy of its customers and business partners and is committed to complying with all laws relating to the protection of personal data. We use cookies to provide a better user experience for web elements and resources. Most browsers automatically opt in to cookies, but you can change your browser settings to prevent automatic activation.

We also use various third-party cookies to identify users and usage behavior. Third-party cookies are activated each time you visit a page or interact with web resources. This helps our team and our various tracking tools to identify the elements that are most useful and interesting to you. Therefore, it helps us to get better insights about the user experience and allows us to take necessary measures or corrective actions to provide you with the best user experience.

We also use cookies to deliver advertising messages and personalized offers on other relevant websites. Not spamming your email helps us  reach you with our personalized messages and offers via online advertising. You can decide not to participate at any time. our offers and reject cookies at any time. Updates to the Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy will be updated periodically  to reflect  such changes in PES’s practices.

If you have any privacy issues or disagreements, please email us at We have the utmost respect for your copyright and your privacy.